The Lion And The Mouse Short Story With Moral For Kids

Dive into the heartwarming tale of “The Lion And The Mouse,” an English story short with moral, cherished across generations. This small story with moral unfolds in the lush jungles of India, where even the mightiest can be helped by the smallest. Perfect for kids, this story teaches timeless lessons of kindness, empathy, and the unexpected ways we can help each other, making it more than just a bedtime story—it’s a life lesson wrapped in a delightful narrative.

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The Lion And The Mouse: A Tale of Unexpected Friendship

In the dense, vibrant forests of India, where the roar of the mighty lion echoes and the scamper of tiny feet whispers, lies the setting of our beloved story, “The Lion And The Mouse.” This tale begins with a lion, the jungle’s undisputed king, who finds himself disturbed from his rest by a small, seemingly insignificant mouse. Despite their vast differences, this story weaves a remarkable friendship and mutual aid narrative that transcends size and strength.

The Lion And The Mouse Short Story With Moral For Kids
The Lion And The Mouse Short Story With Moral For Kids 3

The Lion And The Mouse Full Story in Detail

One warm afternoon, beneath the sprawling shade of an ancient banyan tree, a majestic and powerful lion lay asleep, his deep breaths stirring the dust. Into this scene of tranquil strength, a small, curious mouse tiptoed, its tiny heart beating a rapid tattoo of excitement and fear.

Drawn to the sleeping giant, the mouse couldn’t resist skittering across the lion’s expansive back. “What fun!” thought the mouse. “To dance upon the back of a king and live to tell the tale!”

But the lion awoke, swiftly pinning the mouse with his great paw. “How dare you disturb my slumber, tiny thief?” the lion boomed, his voice echoing through the trees.

The mouse trembled, staring up into the eyes of certain doom. “Oh, mighty lion,” the mouse squeaked, “forgive me! I meant no harm. Please, let me go, and I promise, one day, I will repay your kindness.”

The lion, amused by such a bold promise, laughed, a sound like thunder rolling through the jungle. “You will help me? I can’t imagine how such a tiny creature could ever aid the king of the jungle. But your courage amuses me. Go then, and be swift about your life.”

Months passed, and the jungle forgot the incident. But fate has a way of weaving threads together. One day, the lion, mighty as he was, found himself ensnared in a hunter’s net, his strength useless against the cunning of man. Roars of frustration and pleas for help filled the jungle, reaching the ears of the little mouse.

The mouse remembered its promise and, without a second thought, raced to the lion’s side. “Hold on, mighty lion!” it called out. “I will free you from this trap!”

With determined nibbles and gnaws, the mouse worked through the ropes, and soon, the lion was free. “You saved me,” the lion said, his voice filled with wonder. “I laughed at the thought that you could ever help me, yet here you stand, my saviour. Truly, I am humbled by your bravery and kindness.”

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The moral of the story of the lion and the mouse is clear: no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. It teaches us that everyone has something to offer, and by helping each other, we can make the world a better place. This story serves as a reminder that strength and power are not only measured by size and might but by the heart and the willingness to help others.


What is the main lesson of “The Lion And The Mouse”?

The main lesson is that kindness is universal, and no matter how small you are, you can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

How did the mouse help the lion?

The mouse helped the lion by gnawing through the ropes of the hunter’s net, setting him free.

Why did the lion release the mouse?

The lion released the mouse because he was amused by its promise to help him one day, not believing such a small creature could be of any assistance.

What does the story teach about friendship?

It teaches that friendship knows no bounds and that unexpected friendships can be the most rewarding.

Can the story be considered a fable?

Yes, “The Lion And The Mouse” is a fable because it conveys a moral lesson through animals that display human-like qualities.


“The Lion And The Mouse” is more than just a story of the lion and the mouse with moral; it’s a narrative that resonates with the universal truths of kindness, the importance of friendships, and the belief that everyone, no matter how small, has the potential to make a big difference. This English story short with moral is a perfect example of a small story with a moral that leaves a lasting impact, teaching kids and adults alike the value of compassion and mutual respect.


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