The Fox And The Grapes Short Story For Kids With Moral

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest filled with whispers of the wind and the songs of birds, a story unfolded—a story that has been told and retold through generations. This isn’t just any story, but “The Fox and the Grapes Short Story,” a fable that carries with it a profound yet simple lesson, making it a perfect tale for children across India and the world. Let’s dive into this enchanting story and unravel the wisdom it holds.

The Fox and the Grapes Short Story: A Timeless Fable

The tale of “The Fox and the Grapes” resonates with young and old alike. It tells the story of a fox who discovers a vineyard brimming with ripe, juicy grapes on a hot summer’s day. The parched and hungry fox is drawn to the beautiful grapes hanging just out of reach. This story, known as “The Fox and the Grapes Full Story,” is not just a narrative but a journey into understanding human nature and the complexities of our desires.

The Fox And The Grapes Short Story For Kids With Moral In English
The Fox And The Grapes Short Story For Kids With Moral In English

The Fox and the Grapes Full Story in Detail

In the heart of the forest, the fox wandered in search of food. As the sun blazed overhead, he stumbled upon a vineyard, a sight for sore eyes, with grapes that glistened like jewels in the sunlight. These were no ordinary grapes but the finest ones the fox had ever seen. With his mouth watering at the sight, the fox decided he must have them. He backed up, took a running start, and leapt with all his might, only to miss the grapes by a whisker. Again and again, he tried, jumping higher each time, but the grapes remained elusive.

With each failed attempt, the fox’s frustration grew. Yet, he refused to give up, his determination fueled by the tantalizing vision of the grapes. But, as hard as he tried, he could not reach them. Finally, exhausted and defeated, the fox stopped and took a step back. He looked at the grapes one last time and then turned away, muttering to himself, “They are probably sour anyway.”

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Moral of The Fox and the Grapes Short Story

The moral of “The Fox and the Grapes Story for Kids” is profound yet straightforward: It teaches us about the nature of desire and the human tendency to belittle what we cannot obtain. The story highlights that it’s easier to despise what you can’t have rather than to admit your shortcomings. This “The Fox and the Grapes Moral Lesson” is timeless, teaching children and adults about the importance of grace in the face of disappointment and acknowledging our limitations.


What is the moral of the Fox and the Grapes story?

The moral is about recognizing and accepting our limitations and not disparaging something just because we cannot have it.

Who wrote The Fox and the Grapes Short Story?

This story is one of Aesop’s fables, attributed to Aesop, a storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece.

Can The Fox and the Grapes story teach kids about failure?

Yes, it teaches kids that failure is a part of life, and it’s important to accept it gracefully rather than making excuses or belittling the goal.

How can The Fox and the Grapes story be explained to children?

It can be explained as a story about a fox who wants grapes but cannot reach them, so he pretends they are sour. This story teaches us not to downgrade our desires just because we can’t achieve them.

Is The Fox and the Grapes story relevant today?

Absolutely. The story’s lesson on dealing with unattainable desires and handling disappointment is timeless and applies to people of all ages.


“The Fox and the Grapes Short Story” is more than just a tale for children; it’s a narrative rich with wisdom and lessons that resonate through time. It teaches us about the nature of desire, the importance of acknowledging our limitations, and the grace with which we should accept things we cannot change. As this story continues to be told from one generation to the next, its moral remains a guiding light for not just children but for anyone who hears it. Through simple language and engaging storytelling, this fable remains a cherished jewel in the treasure trove of Aesop’s fables, shining brightly as ever, teaching and entertaining in equal measure.

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